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Edradour Distillery - Pitlochry - Scotland/UK

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Pt: Edradour, a menor destilaria de uisque da escocia, nao faz uso de meios artificiais para producao da bebida, processo totalmente manual. Confira o web site para maiores informacoes

En: Edradour Distillery, the smallest distillery in Scotland, they don't use automated processes to produce the beverage.

Edradour is a Highland single malt whisky made in Pitlochry, Perthshire.

Reputed to be from the smallest distillery in Scotland of the same name. Established in 1825, the distillery is entirely run by three men, and always has been. Only twelve casks are produced each week. They have a free tour which includes a dram.

The stills are the smallest in use of any distillery in Scotland. Were they any smaller, they would be deemed by HM Customs and Excise to be portable, with the implicit capacity for illegal production.

There are a variety of whiskies available inculding an unchillfiltered 12 year old. Most whiskies are chillfiltered whereby the esters and oils are removed producing a cleaner look to the whisky, which when chilled or ice included does not produce a cloudyness which is prefered by those who indulge in such things. The unchillfiltered whisky has a more complex nose and and flavours. Other whisky manufactures are now also providing this distinct type.

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Edradour DistilleryEdradour Distillery - Pitlochry - Scotland/UKEdradour Distillery