Monday, 25 June 2007

Sunrise at The Towers - Torres del Paine National Park - Patagonia

I got to the National Park almost 9pm on the 30th Dec, the weather was SUPPERB, I saw the towers from the far away Laguna Amarga check point ... the sun was still high on the sky, it gets dark by 11pm at this time of the year.

Once I got to Hosteria De Las Torres, where I had planned to spend the first night on a camping site nearby something started to tick on my head ... 'go up to Campamento Las Torres', 'go up to Campamento Las Torres' ... I just could not stop thinking that if the weather stayed like it was ... I would have great chances to see the towers at sunrise next morning ...

So, I set off for a 9kms hike at 9pm ... my backpack was loaded with food for 7 days, and I think I don't need to tell you it was heavy, very heavy considering I was carrying all my camping gear as well.

But I just couldn't help it, I was so eager to see this spectacular show of Mother Nature. On my way up to the camping site I had many many short breaks to rest, my back was really felling the weight I was carrying.

After 2 hours I finally got to Campamento Las Torres, where I would be spending the night, I got there almost in the dark, but it was still fine and didn't need to use my flash light. I assembled my tent, prepared some food and went to sleep, God knows how tired I was at that point, I had began my trip down to Patagonia at 8:30 the day before in Lima, from where I flew down to Santiago and from there to Punta Arenas and I didn't have much sleep since then apart from a few naps on the plain ...

Next morning, I woke up by 4am to hike the last 1 KM up to the Base de Las Torres, to see one of the most spectacular sunsires in the world. The temperature was below zero, yeah, that is true, and believe it or not, it is mid summer in patagonia right now. To get things even 'worse' the wind which never stops blowing makes you fell it is even more colder than it actually was.

These towers are known world wide, and have the fame of being one of the most difficult climbs in the world, due to the rough weather conditions in the area. This climb can't be done in one day, the Torre Central has almost 1800 meters from the base ... yeah, is a hell of a wall to climb.

My effort has been paid off. The beautiful redish / goldish colors painting the towers is something unique and unforgetable!! Not even the freezing winds which blow down the glacier and the valleys and make you feel like a penguin is capable of take away a fraction of the emotion you feel standing in from of these gigantic granite rocks with almost 3000 meters in height.

The Group of Las Torres: This is the geological formation that has given its name to the National Park. It comprises 3 golden-colored granite towers of appreciable size and grandeur, with clear lines and well polished by ice which has been working for millions of years and still continues. Perpetually in the direct line of the prevailing winds from the ocean, they remain impassive, challenging the perception of conventional mountains with much smoother, undulating faces. The group comprises the Northen or Agostini Tower, the Southern or Monzino Tower and the biggest of the 3, the Central Tower.

These natural wonders are always inviting the best climbers in the world.

Location: 50°59′S 72°58′W

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