Monday, 25 June 2007

Fitz Roy - El Chalten - Patagonia - Argentina

Me - Fitz Roy - El Chalten - Patagonia - Argentina
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This was quite early in the morning, I was feeling like I won the jackpot on the lottery because of such a incredible weather, in fact I think I did actually, because this place is known for having incredible bad weather, and the locals say that there are really only about 20 clear / sunny days a year - I think I just got one of them :) . I talked to some guys in Torres Del Paine, they were in El Chalten before they headed to Chile, and they waited over one week for the weather get clear enough to see Fitz Roy.

And in my case, having only 1 day to spare in El Chalten, it was a Hit or Miss, luckely enough I Hit it ;) ... I just could not believe how lucky I was, because as I mentioned before I almost didn't make it here.

Fitz Roy Mountain (Cerro Fitz Roy) is located in Parque National Los Glaciares that covers an area of 6,000.000 sq km of mountains, glaciers and lakes in the Santa Cruz Province in the south of Argentina.

The park is situated in the part of the land known as Patagonia. Most of the park is inaccessible for visitors, except for 2 areas - the Fitz Roy area near the twon of Chalten, and the Perito Moreno Glacier which is close to El Calafate.

The national park was declared in 1981 as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Fitz Roy Trek is a walk into the Los Glaciares reserve. The Trek passes through huge granite masifs, blue glaciers and magical lakes. The most notable mountains in the area are the Fitz Roy Mountain - a huge granite masif, at 3405 meters above sea level and the Cerro Torre Mountain, at 3102 meters above sea level.

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