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The Clansman Centre - Highlands - Scotland/UK

The Clansman Centre - Highlands - Scotland/UK
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In Fort Augustus right next to the Caledonian Canal you will find the Clansman Centre, little on the outside prepares you for what to expect when you get inside.

As you enter the doorway there is a grand wee gift shop with many hand made items and tasteful reproductions of traditional items and jewellery, and some fine reproduction weaponry, which begins to give you an idea of what is to come.

It’s when you stoop under the low lintel into the back room that you realise this is no normal gift shop. Met by your kilted clansman, your eyes slowly adjust to the gloom and what you have before you is a 17th century turf house, the typical abode of the local population 400 years ago.

This is no museum though, and it doesn’t take long before you are finding out all you wanted to know about highland life at the height of the clan times, (and a great deal you didn’t). There is a lot to learn about the domestic life, diet, dress and custom of these proud warrior people.

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The Clansman CentreThe Clansman CentreThe Clansman Centre

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